Home Cooked

Two chefs and an event planner walked into Bailey Arboretum… Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?  Except, it’s all true.  This weekend’s bride and groom are both professional chefs in Brooklyn and the bride’s brother is an event planner for a venue in New York City.  What did this mean for Bailey?  Every detail was meticulously executed, leaving no stone unturned.  The cake, baked by the bride, was decorated with the same detailing as her grandmother’s handkerchief, which was also fastened into the bouquet she carried down the aisle.  The couple requested herbs to be part of the table arrangements as a testament to their love of cooking.

Homemade touches were found throughout the reception, from the hand printed programs, to the table cards printed with wedding trivia.  For example, do you know where the term honeymoon comes from?  The term “honeymoon” comes from a Teutonic custom when newlyweds would hide out and drink Hydromel, a fermented honey and water drink. The father of the bride was to provide the Teutonic and the amount of time that it was provided was considered the honeymoon period.

Did I mention the party favors were pieces of handmade pottery by our very creative bride?  The pieces were beautifully displayed in the front room of Bailey House.

The groom and our caterer, Kent Monkan from The Brass Rail, www.thebrassraillocustvalley.com worked together to plan the menu that was served family style on long tables.  It was a beautiful, elegant and welcoming way to serve a meal.  Exactly what the couple wanted for their guests: to feel at home.

Jenny KlainbergEvent Coordinator