The Show Must Go On!

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night shall keep Bailey Arboretum from being the home to a beautiful wedding!  Our caterer for the evening, Bryan from Birch Hill Market,, and his steadfast staff were fearless in their execution of the wedding in the torrential rain.

Our bride and groom did not let the rain dampen their spirits and their glow was kept bright during the entire event.  Even though their guests were unable to play the lawn games that were planned for them, they danced and feasted and toasted the happy couple.  No one was deterred from having a fabulous time and both Bailey House and the reception tent looked glorious, even in the downpours.

I’ve been seeing a lot of home spun touches lately, adding to the personalization of each event and this wedding was no different.  There were homemade painted signs pointing to the tent, the valet and to the restrooms placed strategically around the grounds.  Photos of the happy couple and their parents and grandparents were placed throughout the house.  The seating cards weren’t the typical cards at all, but a chart for each table clothes pinned onto a large piece of framed chicken wire.  All of these touches, combined with Bailey House’s charming backdrop, made for a personal and welcoming reception.

Despite the rain, the show went on without a hitch and the results were a beautiful and special evening.

Jenny Klainberg, Event Coordinator