The Blank Canvas

In today’s fast-paced world, it is virtually impossible to avoid stress. Between work and family, there is very little time to just be. A blank canvas and set of paints can be wonderful tools to help us just be, while we cleanse our mind, body and spirit.

A blank canvas offers artists a world filled with possibilities. Tapping into the creative part of the brain can have a therapeutic effect, allowing people to relax and identify feelings they might not even be aware they have. For those who may have difficulty with verbal expression, a blank canvas and set of paints can give them a voice.

In our competitive society, it is important to spend time in a non-competitive environment, creating, dreaming, exploring. The blank canvas is a place where one can strengthen their individuality and self-esteem. As a person spends time immersed in creativity, a wonderful thing can happen … stress slowly dissipates, leaving their mind in an almost meditative state.

Painting can stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, helping development in children, as well as keeping an adult’s brain active. Stimulation of brain cells in an adult can be particularly helpful, as age-related illnesses can begin to rear their ugly head.

But let’s put aside the more scientific benefits that painting and creative pursuits can provide. Think about the sheer fun painting can bring, particularly when doing it with a group of friends. Laughter almost always ensues, as we socialize, learn, create and share … things that technology often prevents us from doing.

Whether it’s at Bailey Arboretum or even in your own home, think about sitting down at that blank canvas and see where it can take you.