Bailey Arboretum Horticultural Notes: June 2016

In June as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all these anniversaries, no man can ignore all of them. Aldo Leopold


The Great Healer: More studies have emerged that a preventative of many common ills (and remedy) is gardening, passive appreciation as well as making and care of them.

Summer is coming. Summer arrives this month so tend to spring bulbs (remove browned foliage, divide if necessary, feed) and refill spaces with annuals.

House plants: Give them a summer out of doors. Place in semi-shade, feed with liquid fertilizer, water when needed.

Be Brutal: Edit the garden. Remove dead and dying plants, trees, shrubs, discard weeds, thin zealous perennials and biennials . “Ugly” plants or plants that are “wrong”- out with them, give them away.

Lawns: Keep up with mowing, collect clippings. Mix clippings with chips or shredded paper to prevent mold on compost pile.

Vegetables: Harvest spring crops-radishes, spinach, plant warm weather plants and seeds. Prepare collars for beans, tomatoes, cucumbers to prevent cut worms (bottomless dixi cups work). Remove tomato suckers, these can be rooted.

Sculptural Vegetables: Grow vertical crops, they yield more in less space with cleaner foliage. Children love sunflower huts, cucumber tunnels, pole bean playhouses.

Roses: Feed, water and enjoy. Cut roses for your home but also the work place, the altar, your friends. Teach your grandchildren the joys of the rose garden. Invite your friends to see your roses, compliment a friend by asking to see theirs.

Planters: Thriller, filler, spiller is a fading trend. More designers are using a single architectural plant, low profile plants inmixed grouping, or tall see through arrangements to reveal a strong background. Planters are mobile, meant as a distraction. When something amazing is about to bloom (peony, lily) move the planters. Bring them back after the in-ground show passes.

Chelsea Flower Show 2016. Colors are yellow and orange, designs are sleek, geometrical (much like interior design). The SMART garden –water features, irrigation and lighting all controlled from your cell phone.

Mulch Reminder: No more than 1”-2” deep, keep away from tree trunks and stems.

Holiday Reminders: Flag Day June 14, set your sundial at 12:00 noon on June 15, Father’s Day June 19, summer begins June 20.