School Programs


Bailey Arboretum can provide students an opportunity to discover the outdoor environment through sensory walks, habitat hunts and nature walks. 

Students can be tree detectives, water conservationists or even predators hunting for food as they explore various concepts through hands-on, interactive activities.  The outdoor environment can also be used for inspiration in art, writing and music. And basic outdoor survival skills can be learned and practiced along with cooperative team activities to foster better communication and working relationships. After-school clubs can come to the arboretum for activities related to their club’s focus.

With ponds, woods and trails, there is much for students to explore at Bailey Arboretum.


School Programs from pre-K – 8th Grade:

           Sensory Discover Walk

            Nature Walks

            Habitat Hunt


            Tree Detectives

            Water, Water…

            Basic Outdoor Survival Series


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