Bailey Arboretum Annual Report 2014

2014 Goals:

  1. Renewing our mission as an arboretum in the tradition of Frank
  2. Bailey’s exotic tree and shrub collection
  3. Public access to the out doors and nature’s unique trees and shrubs

What Does Accreditation Mean for Bailey Arboretum?

  • Recognition by other arboretums and public gardens
  • Expands funding options and improved credibility to government and private funding sources
  • Enters us into an international network and data bank of arboretum and their collections
  • Lends prestige to Lattingtown, Town of Oyster Bay and Nassau County and the Vanneck Bailey family

2014 Objectives and the Results:

1. To acquire arboretum accreditation

Result: Nassau County grant $50,000 to gain accreditation, which we did in September of this year

2. Increase and stabilize the funding from a range income sources


  • NY State increased their ZBGA funding to Bailey
  • Established our own endowment for the future of the friends with a generous gift from the Vanneck Bailey Foundation
  • More than doubled our list of contributors

3. Replenish grounds to their pre Sandy condition

Result: Major tree work of cabling and removing safety hazards and continuing to plant new trees

4. Increase membership and volunteer pool

Result: Grew in membership / volunteers adding 30% more members and increasing our volunteer pool

5. Collaborate with other Friends Groups and other organizations


  • Our first Arbor Day honoring the county brought dignitaries of the county, town and village, school systems and over a dozen EDs of non-profit organizations; keep up contact with other public gardens
  • Community Events: Arbor Day and our traditional events increased and brought in money opening for photographers, bird watching groups, hikers, bikers (Autism ride), plant sale, etc...

Extend Accomplishments:

  • Tree signage and assessment:
    • Hired a collections manager
    • Arc program
    • Continued to identify the trees
  • Plantings:
    • Garden committee formed
    • Roses
    • Perennials
    • Habitat improvements
    • Secret garden
    • 2,000 seedlings in green house
  • Walks:
    • Doubled the number of nature walks provided
  • Educational programs:
    • 400 Girl Scouts have come to Bailey for courses from hospitality to survivor skills
    • Hosted students from Suffolk Community College, Locust Valley Schools and Mill Neck Manor

Bailey Arboretum’s Future Plans:

  • Revitalization of Children’s Habitat
  • Tree house in Children’s Habitat
  • Extension of green house area
  • Winter heated work area for equipment maintenance
  • Improved signage, kiosk, Visitor’s Center
  • Additional ground maintenance staff
  • Compost tea process installation
  • Long range 5 year plan