Things to Do and See

Ten Things to Do at Bailey Arboretum:

  1. Come see the Four Season display, 365 days a year

  2. Stroll the seven acres of landscaped gardens

  3. Hike the woodland paths

  4. Read a book by the ponds or seated on a shaded bench

  5. Walk your leashed dog

  6. Learn the names of the trees

  7. Rent Bailey House or the grounds for a special occasion

  8. Learn how to plant, prune and cultivate through seminars as a volunteer

  9. Take photos or paint "en plein air"

  10. Come to a special event party run by the Friends of Bailey Arboretum

Ten Things for Children at Bailey Arboretum:

  1. Visit Munnysunk Hollow where younger children can explore the building area, music and movement area, messy materials area, nature art area, and quiet area

  2. Visit the German Castle sculpture

  3. Explore the ponds

  4. Run across the fields

  5. Join in a nature walk

  6. Sign up for a course from etiquette to bulb planting to survivor skills

  7. Celebrate a birthday with a Munnysunk party

  8. Bring craft supplies and create at a picnic table

  9. Roll down a hill or run across the lawn

  10. Take the self-directed nature walk